Integration of SafexPay into my website.


To integrate SafexPay with your website, you can either create a new account or connect an existing account.

If you don't have an account with SafexPay, you can create a new account easily by clicking on "Create Account".

Create Account

Basic details such as your Business Name and Phone Number are already entered in. Enter the remaining details such as Email Address, Contact Person, Address etc. in the Lead Generation Form.

When you click on "Submit", the lead generation form is sent to the concerned team of the Payment Gateway, who will contact you to finish the process of setting up SafexPay for you. Once the process is completed, you will receive the details about "Connect Account" keys.

Connect Account

Enter the received Connect Account details such as MID No, Encrypyion Key and click on Submit. If you already have an existing account with SafexPay, enter the MID No, Encrypyion Key to integrate the account with Boomer.

When your SafexPay account is connected to Boomer, you can access your SafexPay account's Support and Settings & logout of it anytime.

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