How to use Facebook groups for marketing?

While a lot of people simply use Facebook groups to spam people with links to their website, there is a better way to use Facebook groups to market your business.

1. Create a group to appreciate your customers by saying thanks or sending them coupons or gift vouchers.

2. Talk about events occurring in your industry.

3. Make it about community and how you value the people in it. Discuss matters that affect them: it could be everyday topics.

4. If you have loyal customers, brand ambassadors and people you know love using your products and stand up for them as well, create a group to appreciate them, let them test products, chat with each other or give you feedback on your products and how they can be better.

5. Publicise events, offers, flash sales, updates, and news.

6. Also, you can join other groups which are in your niche and share the updates, events, communicate with them, provide some value to the customers.

P.s Facebook Groups are considered as one of the best ways to connect with the larger audience organically with better conversion rates.

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