What are basic digital marketing terms everyone should know?

If you’re in the online buying and selling market then you need to know the marketing terms used in the business.

Content :

Piece of information created in the text, images, videos, audios, graphics, presentations, info graphics or animations.

Search Engine :

A sophisticated computer program which reads all information on the web to present it to users based on the quality and various ranking factors.

Ex: Getting pages related McDonalds when searched “Mcdonalds in Google”

Search Engine Results Page (SERPS)

A results page containing list of web pages shown in response to a keyword entered in google search box.


A digital marketing practice to make website more optimized as per search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc) to rank top in search engine results page to get more users, organically.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM), a practice to get more users / traffic to a website using various paid campaigns Ex: Google Adwords, Bing Ads etc.

Social Media

Social networking websites where millions of users communicate, collaborate and share views and information in various forms.


In Digital marketing world, Keyword or Keywords is a a word that has higher significance of explaining whole idea of website.


A Keyword is a word or phrase which user enters to in a particular query on Google.

Organic traffic

Traffic or website visits that a website receives without having to pay anything to get users to its website.

Google Adwords

A Paid Search Engine Marketing practice to get more customer or traffic to a website.

Call To Action Button

A information or word that stimulates user to take a particular action

Ex: Call Now, Place an Order Now and Track Order etc.


Regularly updates web page on a website in order to provide information to users mostly, conversational.

Website Analytics

A systematic data presented in statical forms which completely explains users behavior on website. Beginning from when user visits a site to the time when user leaves a website.

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