Can I add more people to manage my website?

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The Boomer Marketing app allows you to add additional managers so you can share the load with your business associates. This may be a simple case of handling rush-hours business, or something like morning-shift evening-shift setup. Share load, respond quicker, & delight your customers.

Adding a New Manager

  • 1.From the Dashboard page, click on the Options icon (top left).
  • 2.Click on Managers.
  • 3.Click on the round blue (+) icon.
  • 4.Type in the manager’s Mobile Number.
  • 5. Click on Save.

An SMS will be sent to the number provided, upon receiving the SMS the member needs to accept the invitation.

Click on Options Icon → Click on Managers → Click on round blue (+) icon → Type in the manager’s Mobile Number → Click on Save


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