How can i add SEO tags to my website?

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  1. SEO Tags

    The user can assign relevant tags/keywords to the website in order to be found by search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process that will boost website visibility based on regular visits to the website, customer engagement, time spent on the website etc.

    Adding New Keywords

    In order to add new keywords, the user can follow these steps:
  • 1. From the Dashboard page, click on the Options icon (top left).
  • 2. Tap Manage Website.
  • 3. Tap Arrow icon (bottom).
  • 4. Select Settings.
  • 5. Click on SEO Tags.
  • 6. Click on Add Keywords.
  • 7. Type the keywords you wish to add.
  • 8. Tap on blue +Add next to the typed content.
  • 9. Tap on Save Keywords, to save changes.
  • Click on Options Icon → Tap Manage Website → Tap Arrow Icon → Select Settings → Click on SEO Tags → Click on Add Keywords → Type the keywords → Tap on blue +Add → Tap on Save Keywords


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