How do I enable/disable few features, header menu on website?

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Enabling/Disabling Features:

Under this section, the user can enable/disable features such as Sell Online, Collect Payments, Live Chat, Live Review, and Accept Reservations by simply toggling/switching the button.

The user can also Manage Tabs (Services, Gallery, etc.) and decide whether or not he/she wants them to be displayed on the website. Also, the user can edit the names of these Tabs.

Enabling / Disabling Features

The user can simply enable/disable features at the touch of a button.


to every feature, there is a toggle button. The user can tap this button to enable/disable features. If the button is blue, it means that the feature is enabled. On the other hand, if the toggle button is grey, it implies that the feature is disabled.

1. From the Dashboard page, click on the Options icon (top left).

2. Tap Manage Website.

3. Tap Arrow icon (bottom).

4. Select Settings.

5. Click on Enable / Disable Features.

6. Tap the Toggle Button to enable/disable features. (blue = enabled, grey = disabled)

  • Click on Options Icon → Tap Manage Website → Tap Arrow Icon → Select Settings → Click on Enable / Disable Features → Tap the Toggle Button


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