How to choose a domain name?

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Your brand name is going to be your business name! The key is to put some real thought into it and think about what you are trying to tell people through your domain name. Here are a few pointers to help you along the way.

1. Concise and Precise: When looking to find the perfect domain name for our business, make it short and something that everyone can say easily. It has to be marketable. This is your business brand, looking at the name of the domain, an idea of what your business is should come across their mind. If your selling clothes but the domain name is ‘’ it's too irrelevant and ambiguous.

2. Think out of the box: Remember that your domain name is the first and major selling point of the business: do not be afraid to get creative and use some eye-catching names.

3. Use Keywords: Using word tags is not one sensible but also improves your rank on search engines.

4. Be smart: Use location names like ‘’. A domain name while simple has to be memorable as well and using numbers, special characters and jargons make it much more difficult, so avoid them in the long run.

5. Research it: This is probably the most important part of choosing a domain name. Once you’ve got a few good names, it’s always good to research them. Find out whether those names are already in use, if so then don’t use them as it could lead to major legal issues like copyright infringement. Make sure that the names aren’t trademarked, copyrighted or in use by another company.

6. Own it: Once you figured out the name you would like to have for the domain it is important that you immediately try to own it. On a minimum, there is at least two business that is coming up online every day and if you do not act fast your domain name might be already taken. If the domain name you want is already taken then try to get creative with it. Say the domain name you wanted was ‘’ but it’s already in use, then try ‘the’.

the best way to choose a domain name is to make it short, pronounceable, brandable, avoid copyright infringement, it’s the first and major selling point of your business. Don’t be afraid to use keywords. Be open to changing it. think out of the box. make it creative. Don’t use too many numbers or characters.

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