I don’t have a domain, how can I get it on boomer app?

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  • 1. From the Dashboard page, click on the Options icon (top left).

  • 2. Tap Manage Website.

  • 3. Tap Arrow icon (bottom).

  • 4. Select Add Ons.

  • 5. Click on Domain Registration.

  • 6. Click on Get A Domain.

  • 7. Search for your preferred domain name using the Search bar.

  • 8. Type the Domain Name and click on the blue Search icon.

  • 9. A list of results is displayed. If the Domain Name you are looking for is unavailable, the search results display a list of alternative available options.

  • 10. Pick one of the Domain Names that you like from the results, and tap on Select.

  • 11. A message is displayed saying the Domain Name is available at a certain price. (For example, “blueberry.uno is available at $16.89). Click on Buy Now.

  • 12. A page stating the Terms & Conditions is displayed. After reading these, scroll down, and Tick the “I Agree to the Terms and Conditions” box.

  • 13. Click on Continue.

  • 14. Type in your Address, choose a State from the drop-down menu, choose a City from the drop-down menu, type the Pin Code, click on Continue.

  • 15. The Order Summary is displayed. Click on Continue.

  • 16. Enter Payment Details.

  • 17. Click on Pay.

    Click on Options Icon → Tap Manage Website → Tap Arrow Icon → Select Add-ons → Click on Domain Registration → Click on Get A Domain → Type in your preferred Domain Name → Click on blue search icon → Pick a Domain Name from the list of results → Tap on Select → Click on Buy Now → Tick on “I Agree to the Terms & Conditions” → Click on Continue → Type in your address → Click on Continue → Click on Continue → Enter Payment Details → Click on Pay


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